New Steps to Stream

Posted on: June 12th, 2013 by
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New StepsI had always intended to make wider, deeper, steps down to the stream. My first attempts were finally washed away during the spring rains – although considering just how much rainfall and flooding we had throughout last year I am amazed that they lasted as long as they did! These are infinitely better… Good for climbing down to the water, standing empty buckets beside you ready to be filled (remember: this is where all our water comes from; for drinking and cooking, washing and the loo and even, if we need it, irrigating the herb beds.) It is also now a lovely place to sit in the sunshine and relax and meditate to the melody of lively water running past one’s feet. We also have a resident, a mole, who now regularly digs out his tunnels and throws the results of his earth-workings out onto the side of the steps. I think that I might plant thyme here and give him an aromatic lawn!


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