Midsummer Blessings

Posted on: June 21st, 2013 by
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It is hard to believe as I sit here in the hafod at Cae Non, with rain lashing the window and wind howling down from the mountain, but today is misdummer… The height of the sun’s potency and the peak of the year before the downwards run towards winter. We are sitting taking a rest after a frenetic few days of work sprucing up the domestic area of the field, and planting raised beds with herbs. Tomorrow we will hold our midsummer celebration and have a weekend of communal festivities. But now we sit in near darkness, hot tea in hand and sore feet in gum boots, and light a small clay lamp; made from the sodden clay of this very land and we bring light from darkness. A more midwinter than midsunmer activity.

Either way, we honour this light peak of the year (and it is light too… half 10 at night and still grey light over the hills) and celebrate its bounty and abundance (gardeners trying to get things to grow will know what I mean!)

Deepest blessings of midsummer to you all wherever you may be… may this time of year give you the growth, nourishment and light that our trees take from the sun!

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