Have Trolley, Will Travel

Posted on: June 9th, 2013 by
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Have Trolley, Will Travel 1How can one man on his own carry/move an exceptionally heavy picnic table with built in benches half way up a field? No, it isn’t by levitation, although we had considered just about everything else! Holger managed to balance it on our little two-wheeled trolley which we normally use for transporting sacks of coal and logs, cylinders of gas and that sort of thing at home. With some judicious balancing and the use of a couple of pieces of string, he succeeded in pulling it all the way from behind the hard standing (where it had languished since January) to its new position outside the Hafod. Now we have somewhere permenant and stable out of doors to prepare food, eat meals, wash up, or simply sit in the sunshine!

Have Trolley, Will Travel 2

Here the table is already in use – preparing for a barbecue; note the Bratwurst brought by Holger’s relatives from Germany and infinitely superior to anything you can buy here.

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