Herb gardening on a heroic scale!

Posted on: July 12th, 2012 by
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So, bit of an update on the herb garden build. I have now cleared the ground where the herb garden will be situated! I’m stoked to have actually started and to have something to show for my labours!

So, remember that pile of scrub I showed you last month? Well, it is now cleared ground. Ok, so I’ll have to dig out the big bramble roots and turn the soil over before I can plonk my raised beds there, but it’s a start.


Machinery definitely makes a huge difference – I had the area cleared in about an hour – double that with a tee and pee break and refuelling the brush cutter.


I have left the chopped up stalks and detritus left by the brush cutter exactly where it is – I want it as a mulch; the soil is thin enough as it is. It will also discourage smaller plants (Himalayan balsam seeds had already germinated) from coming up. And if any do, they’ll get strimmed again before I dig the ground over.

Very soon it will be time to start planting big plants into the ground, and building beds/other structures!


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