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Workshops and Volunteering Days


Each workshop will variously include simple meditation, guided journeying and visualisation, discussion, movement and walking, psychic cleansing, protection and grounding, simple craft work and group work and sharing.


Volunteer Days: Throughout the year we will be organising regular “volunteer days” when everyone is welcome to come along and give us a hand with whatever we are currently doing on the land. Lots of hard work, fun and good food, friendship and laughter. You don’t have to be particularly physically fit, there are a whole range of tasks… even down to making the hot drinks for everyone else! There are some dates listed below for volunteer days… more will be added as time goes on. Why not come and join in the fun?

Please Note:

[All workshops and retreats will begin at and finish around
Hot and cold drinks will be available throughout the day.
A simple hot lunch will be provided in the middle of the day.
Warm and waterproof footwear and clothing is always necessary as some of the activities will be done outside, regardless of the weather.

Please do feel free to email me if you wish to discuss any of the workshops, or have any particular concerns or requests…. I am always happy to talk!



Save the Planet!
Sunday, 7th July 2019 Cae Non, Llyn Peninsular, North Wales.
A practical, hands-on approach to deepening your intuition and enhancing your connection to the many other levels of existence around us. Ways to use these skills to access and befriend the elemental beings and energies of the natural world so that you might work with them to heal the planet.

Saturday, 10th August 2019, Cae Non, Llyn Peninsular, North Wales.
Learn how to access healing energy which is freely available to everyone. Learn about the Celtic chakra system, how it differs from what we usually think of and how it can be used to access – and heal – deeply held problems.

Saturday, 12th October 2019, Cae Non, Llyn Peninsular, North Wales.
Back by popular demand!
Come and learn how to intuitively work with your past family for the benefit of everyone. Reach back to bring relief and closure to your forebears who may still be stuck experiencing trauma, grief or guilt. Gain insight into yourself and the innate patterns which are part of your life. Resolve family karma, improving your own life and providing healing and freedom for future generations.

Sunday, 13th October 2019, Cae Non, Llyn Peninsular, North Wales.
The relevance of having lived before, soul fragmentation and retrieval and healing your future. Also how to work with your own higher self for greater understanding and wisdom.


Sunday, 11th August 2019.
Held at Cae Non on the Llyn Peninsular in North Wales.
Meet me, the land and the place where we shall work together. Activities: psychic cleansing and protection, experiencing the elements, making a willow ‘life wheel’.
Free refreshments and home made lunch. Donations appreciated.

Saturday and Sunday, 31st August – 1st September 2019.
Held at Cae Non, Llyn Peninsular, North Wales.
Autumn – season of harvest and thankfulness. A time to also evaluate your life and yourself within it. Where do you go from here? How your own life reflects nature at this time of the year. Self, centre and sovereignty, animism, shamanism and magic.

All workshops use a very down to earth and  accessible approach which is rooted in basic personal experience. No previous knowledge or experience necessary.

Each day begins at and finishes at
Each day-long workshop costs £45 and includes all tuition, refreshments and home made lunch.
Each Earthwalking weekend costs £125.

email me to book your place on a workshop

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