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Open Day Weekend August 2013

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Having had to cancel the Herbal Week back in June for a number of reasons, the long planned Open Days did go ahead though on the weekend of the 17th and 18th August. And what a contrast of days it was! The Saturday, earmarked for the people of the neighbourhood, saw strong winds and horizontal rain for much of the day. No wonder that the only visitors were Sue and Peter from Network News who happen to live only a few miles away and who were brave enough to face the inclement weather. Their tour of the field was kept rather short though, but a god long chat over hot cups of tea inside the cosy Hafod made up for their trouble of turning out.

Open Day 2013 0022What a difference a day makes! Having announced the event for several weeks in Quaker meeting, ten Friends plus two children made their way to Cae Non on the Sunday to spend a lovely afternoon with us, in dry and mainly sunny weather. Some of them came as far as Anglesey and most used the chance to join the tour around the whole field and see for themselves how far we have got with our endeavours, the herb beds, the willow structures, the trees planted so far etc. In typical quakerly fashion, no one was in a hurry to leave and so, over cups of hot beverages and delicious home baked cake, we then talked about all kind of things, from the way of the bumble bees to what it means to be a Quaker.

Open Day 2013 0044Thanks to all who came and made this first Open Day a successful and very enjoyable event! Open Day 2013 0033

Lammas Celebration

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Lammas 1Lammmas really did defeat us weather-wise. It was quite warm but blowy and wet and this time we graciously conceeded defeat; errected the teepee tent in the oak grove and sat thankfully inside it! As always, what needs to be, will be what will happen. We all enjoyed a peaceful, relaxed celebration of the grain harvest and examined the importance of relationships and agreements. We built a pretty celebratory bower in the centre of our circle and shared the specially baked sheaf-loaf. Later we retired inside the hafod, lit the stove and tucked into a communal feast which everyone present had so generously brought edible contributions for. Joy and prosperity for our harvest!

Lammas 2Lammas 3