The spring is sprung…

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…If not yet literally, then certainly in terms of activity!

This week a few things really seem to have fallen into place! The two most exciting thing from my point of view is that we have just taken delivery of a ton of top soil ready for the herb garden. It is bagged up waiting for me to use it where I need (mainly in raised beds). This is great news as it dramatically increases the list of herbs and medicinal plants I can grow at Cae Non.

Next, and equally exciting for me is that I have just sent in the first seed order of the year! So far the list looks like:

Angelica – Angelica archangelica
Borage – Borago officinalis
Burdock – Arctium lappa
Chamomille – Anthemis nobilis
Elecampane – Inula helenium
Foxglove – Digitalis spp.
Wild garlic – Allium ursinum
Gravelroot – Eupatorium purpureum
Marshmallow – Althea officinalis
Motherwort – Leonurus cardiaca
Milk Thistle – Sillybum marianum
Valerian – Valeriana officinalis
Vervain – Verbena officinalis
Wormwood – Artemisia absinthum
Yarrow – Achillea milefolium

If I could get these herbs prospering at Cae Non by the end of this year, I’d be very happy! I also have a load of other herbs in pots waiting to be planted out, and some bigger, shrubbier herbs waiting to go in too!

Hopefully, next winter will see me able to give you all an update on what took and what didn’t grow so well!

I’m aiming to get my first proper raised bed up and ready soon (next few weeks) but the others might have to wait until the summer… more on that in a separate post (I can promise it will be interesting as it involves other people giving me a hand – lips are pursed but will reveal all soon!).

Enjoy the spring guys, and whatever you do, take some time to get soil on your hands!

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