In the bleak midwinter…

Posted on: July 19th, 2013 by
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Well, we might have finished singing this famous Christmas carol but the way winter took hold of the country yesterday just reminded me again of those words and also of other winter folk tunes full of lament about hardship and loss of livestock. It makes me think about the people back then, how they coped with such adverse conditions and got over them. Seeing the snow blowing fiercely in the bitter wind I truly felt for the poor sheep in the fields and their  possible demise as described in those tunes became a picture in my mind that was almost too close for comfort.

But on a brighter note, it was heartening today seeing various neighbours coming out and pulling together to clear our road which is rather steep and rarely ever gets gritted. Obviously, community spirit still exists and perhaps midwinter is not so bleak after all?

And finally, as a former weatherman myself I just have to praise my colleagues in the various meteorological services who weeks ago in unison correctly predicted the arrival winter proper for about the middle of January!

As we can’t change it we might as well enjoy it while it lasts!

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