Down the Field

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Down the Field 1

Taking a walk with the dogs around the field, I took these pictures. I feel that the photo of the little Dog Pool captures the essence of summer here; greenery and wild flowers almost hiding the pool away and the water all stirred up with clay from the bottom where the dogs have jumped about and sat in it. Well, after all, it was originally made for them – somewhere they could cool off and enjoy!

Down the Field 2

The willow tunnel leads away from the hard standing and the Hafod, down into the less frequented area of the field where most of the trees have been planted. It seems quieter here somehow, and for now more open to the sky – if that is possible! A good place to lose oneself in the magic of the meadow.

Down the Field 3

Here is Melly – one of our two golden labradors – sitting on top of a pile of stone proudly surveying her little kingdom! The stone is actually piled at one corner of the hard standing, waiting to complete the path to the hafod this winter.

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