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Today marks the start of another avenue of activity at Cae Non – we have bought our first beehive! So, in the spring of 2013, I will be starting an apiary on site, initially just with one nucleus, but we hope to eventually expand to several colonies/hives.

National Beehive

Our new Beehive – the first of many!

I have been meaning to start my own apiary for some time now but haven’t got round to it (I have experience from working other people’s hives though!), so, when on a family visit to Conwy Honey Fair today I noticed a gentleman selling second-hand hives, I knew the time had come to take the plunge. On impulse I practically ran to the cash machine in the square and raided my account before dashing back to make one of the hives mine!  This came as a surprise, not just to the rest of the family, but also to myself in a way… though I’m thrilled with my purchase!

BeehiveSo this means, that come next autumn, we may very well have a little honey from our own bees, although it will take time to estabilsh a colony vigerous enough to produce a useful amount. I must admit to being teribly excited – I want to get cracking now although I will have to wait – this is no time to do anything with new colonies. But hopefully in March or April next year we will obtain a nucleus or swarm and start this exciting journey properly!

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